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Nate Hughes

Nate Hughes

As a third culture kid, Nate Hughes was raised in an anthropological family—thrown into “the field” since he was two months old—and was educated in the United States, Northeast Brazil, Ireland, and South Africa. His passions are music, medicine, and public policy. Bread and Circuses is subdivided into each topic. The Roman satirical poet Juvenal (circa A.D. 100) once wrote “The people long eagerly for just two things: bread and circuses,” identifying a populace disengaged through appeasement by entertainment and pomp and circumstance. Nate sees this ancient pathology of distraction taking root in government today. Over the last two decades, Nate has worked within the life science industry.

Nate is available for speaker and publishing engagements.

About the Bread and Circuses Blog

The goal of this blog is to play in the circus as an observer, a storyteller. The circus is alive tonight. Where it’s headed, everybody knows. We watch the medicine man sell his snake oil. We listen to the music of the thespians, who in turn muse the players. Meanwhile, we see a carousel orbit circularly in carnivalesque temporal loops, as passengers seek to get off, but don’t know how. Finally, aside from political animals, we see the elephant’s toy with the donkeys, and vice-versa.

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